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The Love Junkie has returned to US soil and is flying high! Heston spent nearly 3 weeks away from home starting in Ancona, Italy (that's a whole other story) before heading to London for the Acoustic Soul Tour and his own solo show at the famous Jazz Cafe` in Camden.

The Acoustic Soul Tour consisted of 6 shows in places such as Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool - sharing the stage with some amazing talents. The audiences were generous and grateful and Heston loved the opportunity not only to meet more of his fans but also to consistently perform acoustically and share his soul and his craft on a much more intimate level.

Heston said "the acoustic tour experience was amazing. It was beautiful to see how much talent, not just in London, but just on this tour - with J.Appiah, Incisive, Esco Williams, Don-E and the list goes on. A beautiful experience night after night.. city after city.. Everyone on the tour VERY talented!"

After such a warm welcome from his UK 'Love Junkies' - Heston is excited to return to the UK as soon as possible!

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