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The Art  is the Show tour is focused on a collection of works by artist Heston Francis.

featuring Heston - his art and his music


about the artist

Born on the tiny island of Dominica, internationally celebrated songwriter and recording artist - Heston - grew up admiring the dance moves of Michael Jackson, fell in love with the tone of Al Green's voice, and watched in awe as sea men made wooden boats behind his childhood home. Creativity has always been at the center of Heston’s world, propelling him forward into music and song writing. Heston has toured the world as a performing artist, releasing five celebrated R&B soul albums and ranking on Billboard/SoundScan R&B top 100 artists. His single “Dear God”, from his latest album TRANSPARENCY, charted #8 on the iTunes World Music Charts. As of 2021, he ranks #58 on's top 100 Best Neo Soul Artists of all time.


In 2020, the covid pandemic changed the game. At home and restless, Heston decided to use that time to explore the world of visual arts. He bought a used canvas, spent $30 on a starter kit, and since then he continues to evolve as a visual artist. 


A true creative, Heston went from never painting to selling paintings in the thousands within the first few months of picking up a paint brush! A friend said, “you must have had this talent hidden, deep down in your back pocket…a natural gift, rivaling that of your music and songwriting.” 


He continues to hone his craft, forever developing as a visual and musical artist, celebrating and uplifting blackness, and doing his part in moving the culture forward.  


For Heston, the future is limitless! He has a new album MIMESIS scheduled to be released later this year, and an art collection that’s almost complete - his story is still being written! 

host your own show


here's how...

1. Apply to host your event and secure a date with Heston.

2. Secure a venue.

3.  Organise your catering.

4. Heston's team will create a poster/invite for the event.

4. Invite your guests and/or promote your event. 

For more information, please download a Host Your Own Event Package. To register your interest, click on the button below and fill out our online application.

sponsor a show

here's how...

This summer, Heston debuted his inaugural art and music showcase “Art is the Show” in Atlanta, Georgia. This event was a curated expression of Heston’s passion for visual art and music. The event was highly celebrated with over 200 people in attendance!


We are looking for sponsors to help successfully replicate the success of “Art is the Show” on Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 5:00pm - 8:00pm ET at the African American Museum, in Philadelphia.


For more information, please request a Sponsorship Package.


We also have opportunities for you to host an event or to be a naming rights sponsor at future events.


To register your interest, click on the button below and fill out our online application.

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